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"Your excellent book of "101 Magic Seeds" is powerful, full of positive energy.
Thank you so much for your gift.
Your help has been of great value in my life, thank you very much.
Thank you for your wonderful gifts of self help.

- Cynthia
"Dear Jim,
I've read your 101 Magic Seeds eBook.
Wow, it's certainly time well spent.

I love that it's easy to read and full of tips for us to live a better life.
It is a good resource that I will recommend.
In fact, I'm recommending my teenage son to read your eBook!
I believe it will put positive "seeds" in him that will benefit him in future.

Thanks :)

- KiaLi Poh
"Dear LIM Jium Yeh,

I have downloaded the copy of 101 Magic Seeds eBook few days back.
Appreciating your generosity.

We run a nonprofit NGO (Non Government Organisation).
Your books are also a resource base for us and our volunteers
and we appreciate your generosity in distributing them free. 
We pray and trust that Generosity becomes a contagious disease with no cure whatsoever.

We wish you and your team the best of the very best.

- Anantharaman

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